soy yazz la dona y si tengo suerte el señor talento pegara sus tentaculos en mi arte.

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just call me yazz 

im 19, i live in chile aka the country that looks like a conga line

i have a dog called roxy, a cat named reki and 3 hamsters (bucky,damian and john) r.i.p pym and lolein you will be missed.

likes to draw, read comics, cute stuff, cosplay, ravioli, naruto, homestuck, keroro gunso, donuts, animal crossing

i wanna marry the medic from TF2, hank pym, neji hyuga, homura akemi. matt murdock, ted kord and vriska serket.

my favorite bands are rammstein, panic! at the disco and anamanaguchi

i study animation and im in love w a rlly cute boy who everyone calls naruto


 ^^ my tomodashi ham made this pic for me ^^

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