soy yazz la dona y si tengo suerte el señor talento pegara sus tentaculos en mi arte.

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continues re watching batman the animated series while weeps softly

im re-watchig batman the animated series

dickie you precious boy

To the right, to the left

We will fight to the death

To the edge of the earth

It’s a brave new world from the last to the first


Batman and Catwoman. Photo by: Rodney Brown

This was taken at a charity event I went to a few weeks ago where we were raising money for the Aurora victims. Rodney set up a very nice photobooth for people to come take photos and just so happened to capture this shot of my friend and I. ^__^ 


yesterday at work a woman came in with a daughter named justice and she couldn’t control the child really well so for the next half hour while she was shopping i would hear this lady from different parts of the store yelling ”JUSTICE!!!!!

if this is too cute and you wanted something more “shippy” i did this weeks ago ahjgdkj.

also that’s jason of course.