soy yazz la dona y si tengo suerte el señor talento pegara sus tentaculos en mi arte.

☆ more about the star ☆

"art" is here and doodles here but anyway you should check the ☆ artblog ☆


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regular activities for those couples who catch a cold together

drew my other two fav hamsters

pashmina, the eternal waifu

i saw hamtaro on tv today _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_

happy thoughts

i defeated the  biggest artblock i’ve ever had and no one can stop me now

there’s still spideydeviru in my heart

warm up

my true comic book waifu

robot thing i made for bf

i drew a quick princess waifu image

rewatch some south park seasons was a good choice

*+*headcanon*+*+ ishimaru likes mondo’s manly smell

mondo gets really embarrased and angry but he loves his perfect boyfriend too much 

ah the new leaf life