Thank you, Sam.

( Seriously, I want a Cap belly warmer. )


I like how he just threw pop-tarts in there.

wOW full view

summer is coming where i live so i felt like drawing something like this with avengers 

sadly, i don’t know how backgrounds work, what a disgrace.


there you are thor

Fear Itself 7.1 Captain America


Best break-up exit ever.

Carol Danvers’ Blog: So here’s the question I get every five seconds… What’s Captain America really like? He’s really like what you’d think he’d be like. He’s amazing.

(New Avengers Vol 1 - 15)

daily reminder that this actually happened


“This isn’t a war, Steve, it’s a back alley… a back alley with zombies.”

steve and bucky discovering the future together 

okay um pre-serum steve and bucky were boyfriends at some point and steve keep photos of them when they were dating

so one day tony finds them and he is like

Sometimes i remember that steve wanted to be an artist before the super soldier experiment and oh my god my kokoro.

In avenging spiderman #5 spidey finds captain’s old drawings and he is like “wow these are really cool” but steve gets really embarrased and tells spidey that his drawings are bad etc then spidey convinces cap to draw stuff again and he helps him with ideas

so yeah this is my kawaii contribution to the fandom(@´_`@)

sailor america-kun and tuxedo stark